the new norm

When I was a kid, I remember thinking that 2020 seemed like a lifetime away. I envisioned flying cars and assumed life would be much like, “The Jetsons”. Though I do have a small army of robots who mop my floor, (there should probably be a post about this someday, but I’m pretty much ashamed of writing about it if I’m honest with myself, lol) our cars don’t fly, and we’re still over here fucking around with fossil fuels like a bunch of turds.

What didn’t cross my mind was this.

This…is just madness.

We’ve watched as the world has come to a screeching halt; borders closing, massive, world-wide corporations moving to a temporary WFH model, school districts and college campuses offering online instruction for the duration of the school year… the list goes on.

I can’t help but wonder if the world has changed forever because of this virus. I wonder if this is all just the new norm…

Also— we went to Telluride the week before last and it was gorgeous as always. The day we flew home they ended up closing the resorts in response to the virus…which was weird 🙂 You can check out some of the pics we took on my insta.