omfg a ‘cold’ front

It’s now October 11th and until today it’s been 1000000 degrees since like May. I know the summer is *always* ENDLESS in central Texas, but this year we had something like a hundred 100+ degree days.

Not gonna lie, folks, that shit is too hot. This morning, however, I woke up and it was like 60 degrees and raining. Let’s not talk about the fact that I’ve been under the weather since yesterday, but honestly I am SO EXCITED. Tomorrow I think we’ll be in the 70’s– but for today, I will enjoy a cool, 60 degree overcast sky with happiness and love.

Nothing much going on the rest of the week. My birthday was on Wednesday and that was fabulous. Alea got me a fantastic day planner and Hunter brought me the most flovely flowers and cupcake. Jay is taking me to Amsterdam and Paris next week, so we’ll be celebrating my birthday there as well, lol.

I said nothing much was going on, but actually its the UT/OU (Red River Showdown) and that particular game normally makes Jay a complete psychopath every single year, lol. I’ll keep my fingers crossed this time, lol.

And because no Friday post is complete without a hilarious meme, I present unto you this:

Ya’ll have a great weekend.