hey ya’lllll

I just need to start this first post by saying I wrote an entire OTHER first post, put a bunch of photos into it, formatted it, spent me some TIME writing it out all perfect and shiz… and OF COURSE the website crashed and I lost everything. Fun times ya’ll. Fun times.


I took a 3 year hiatus from writing for a myriad of reasons, and after chewing it over for a few weeks, I decided that I didn’t just *want* to begin writing again, I *need* to.  God knows I don’t have anything of great import to say, I don’t have any bits of wisdom to impart, and let’s be real here, I’m not even all that arresting in my writing style, but…I desperately need a creative outlet and a place in which I can share my truth and give a small peek into our life, that won’t sell my data or try to wrest creative control from me, telling me what I can and cannot write/post. There’s also something comforting to me about not being on Facebook–and able to focus on me and what I’m doing, rather than getting distracted by everyone else and what THEY are doing.

The last year or so has been INSANE up in our house. Jay’s time at Adobe has been awesome, but sweet Jesus has that man traveled the world. He invites me to ride along each time he has to go someplace, but I’m not going to lie ya’ll, it’s just way too much travel for me to handle. I generally pick 3-4 places I’m interested in visiting per year and sorta go all-out for those places– but more about that much later, folks.

Look at this cutie being a keynote speaker at an Adobe conference.

For now- let’s end this first post with some photos I took at the UT vs LSU game. I can no longer take my big camera into the stadium, but I tried to grab some pics with my phone.

We lost the game– but we had an absolute blast.

University of Texas vs LSU
University of Texas vs LSU

Don’t forget that football season just started– and there are MANY more football games to come…you’re welcome. Also– just so ya’ll know? I don’t particularly even like football, and orange is NOT my color– but the things we do for love.