end of the season

I am not going to lie, I’m a bit sad about putting the boat up for the winter. We haven’t had it very long, and though summer really is endless here in central Texas, October really is about right for putting her up. Lake Travis gets a bit chilly as the fall moves along and I’m really not down with freezing my ass off for some wake surfing, lol.

Let’s also not forget that I’m not the sportiest of the spices, so…not like I’m a pro wake surfer or anything. Though I have a lot of these photos up on my Insta, I really wanted to put them here as well, regardless of the fact they sort of all look the same. Everyone is working so hard, and having so much fun, that I sort of want to share them with the world.

Testing out the portrait mode on my new iPhone 11 Pro, while Jay is over here working his ass off.
His smile is gigantic, lol.
She lost her wave, but I caught a cute pic before she crashed out.
there was an attempt to save herself but no go, lol
Of course, Jay is over here looking like a professional and shit.
When I holler at her to smile, she gets mad, lol.
she has the frown– but honestly look how cool the waves look.

I had more fun with this stupid ass boat than I ever dreamed I would. I also realized that I love driving the damn thing almost more than I like surfing behind it, lol.