babe, we need a boat

2 months ago Jay comes to me and he’s like, “babe, we need a boat” and I’m like “k”…and he’s like, “Naw, babe– I mean we should REALLY get a boat…” and I’m like “yeah, ok”. Well, the next thing I know we’re at a dealership and somehow we purchase a brand new 2019 Nautique G25 wake surfing boat. It was like 2 weeks from “We should get a boat” to us being on Lake Travis with said boat.

Jay and Alea walking down to the slip.

In the couple of months we’ve had the boat everyone has improved MASSIVELY. Alea is able to wakesurf behind the boat for 7-10 minutes at a time without the rope. Hunter has also mastered the ‘no rope’ move, but he’s had less time on the water than she has. Jay’s a pro at the surfing and even yours truly has had a go. I can’t let go of the rope yet, but someday I will, I can feel it.

This was one of Jay’s first tries at wake surfing.

I know all these pics sorta look the same and stuff, but tough shit– you have to look at them anyway, lol. Mainly because the lighting is fabulous and the water is gorgeous and honestly Im just proud of my fam for mastering a new sport, lol.

One of Alea’s first ropeless adventures

Hunter is also mastering wake surfing, but somehow his photos are always hilarious and they make me laugh like a lunatic, lol. He’s got a couple of amazing moves that he tries to pull off when he realizes he’s going to crash out.

We’ve had some friends over and have forced THEM to participate in boating activities as well, but I’ll refrain from posting their photos without their permission, lol. The greatest part of the boat is it’s seriously helped me in my weight loss journey as well. lots of activity, lol.

Thats enough for now, see ya’ll tomorrow!