barlata tapas bar

eats in the atx

The first time Jay took me to Barlata Tapas Bar was shortly after we returned from Spain. It was my first time there, and as a rather somewhat picky eater who isn’t the biggest fan of seafood I ate a lot, and I mean a *lot* of potatoes while I was there, as well as tortilla espanola. I came home and started craving both almost instantly and Barlata was the closest we could find to the tapas we ate overseas. We’ve been coming here several times a month for several years now, and it does not disappoint.

Barata has a cool, laidback vibe

This isn’t a fancy place, you can come here in shorts and a tee, but it also works for a date night in a cute dress. It can be loud there sometimes, as there are a lot of hard surfaces and it’s fairly open.

Jay always gets the sangria here and says it’s pretty good. Do order the patatas bravas, and make sure you grab a paella as well– they are absolutely fantastic.. I’m a huge fan of the Brussels sprouts as well. Do eat here. Many yums.

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