atx cocina

TLDR: 8/10 (Yum)
It’s absolutely no secret that I love Mexican food, although if I was being fair, I’d probably say that I love Tex-Mex more than truly traditional ‘interior Mexican’ cuisine. We go downtown to eat a lot and kept passing ATX Cocina. Eventually, we started seeing them on OpenTable and I noticed the reviews continued to be really good there, and it always seems packed.

this place is gorgeous inside– very light and airy.

So, the reason this place is always hopping is because they actually grind their own maize here to make their corn tortillas, and the entire menu is gluten free. These corn tortillas are DELICIOUS guys. I tend to not like corn tortillas but this place has changed my mind. They are sort of the mainstay and a staple of the entire menu. Guac and salsa is served with these tortillas instead of chips. They do offer a crispy chip type thing, but it’s not what you typically expect with chips/salsa.

sweet baby Jesus, eat this freaking tortillas

We tend to go and just order a large guac, the salsa tasting (it’s got 4 salsas in it which are all super different) and tortillas. It’s super filling and awesome. We’ve gotten several items on the menu as well and all have been tasty, with a modern/upscale flare.

This place isn’t a bargain meal- but decently priced for date night. Great drink menu as well, according to the hubs.